As many of you will know, I worked within the Retail Sector for over 23 years… day in, day out, talking to people.

I started at Tesco, Frozen Food… moved on to TV Rentals… then into Currys / Dixons. After 15 years with them, I got caught up in car world. It was that “boy” thing, drive lots of different cars, see the latest models, drive a nice new car every 3 – 4 months… fantastic.

Over the years I have spoken to 1000’s of people about potential purchases… from a packet of pea’s, circa £1, to top of the range Volvo’s, circa £70,000. In the retail world you meet the most amazing range of “people types”, from single parents, to millionaires.

So… where am I going with the title – “People Buy From People – Dont Judge A Book By It’s Cover”?

All the people that I have spoken to over the years, could quite easily have NOT purchased anything from me if I had been, negative, smarmy, cocky or rude. Obvious really.. but I can tell you now, over the years I have seen it all. The “one” who knows it all, the “one” who has been in this business since they were a boy, the new boy on the block – knows everything, not willing to learn, accept positive constructive advice.

I can also tell you, many “Sales” guys & girls LOST potential customers because they “Judged the Book By It’s Cover”. In my Volvo Cars Sales and Ford Commercial Sales days, I spoke to men in muddy boots, ripped t-shirts, scruffy hair and not to put to fine a point on it, smelly. Some 45 minutes later, I was talking to the same guy, but now he was the owner of a multi million pound company, with a net worth of over £1 miilion!!

I was asked many times by other “Sales” guys, how do you do it, how did you sell them something – they were a nightmare / looked like horrible customer’s to deal with.

The answer was always the same – “People Buy From People – Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

When you first interact with somone, on the phone or face to face, it takes approx 5 seconds to determine if you like this person… or perhaps more importantly, if they like YOU!.

They are looking or listening for a smile (yes you can tell if somone is smiling on the phone). A hand shake, “How are you”, “Nice to meet / speak to you today” all goes a long way towards building a rapoor with whom ever you are dealing with.

This rapoor that you are building also instals confidence, belief in the other person, they begin to trust you, your advice and your opinion. When you begin to build trust with someone, they become comfortable, begin to listen more, believe more… and this all goes a long way to improving your sales / conversion rate.

There is another saying, “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” – and every successful Network Marketer, Leader or Business Builder will tell you how true this is.

So to summarise… if you are:

* Positive
* Motivated
* Polite
* Knowledgable
* Friendly
* Informed
* Never Judge The Book By It’s Cover

… People Will Buy From People – and that person will be YOU.

Please dont be the “Mr I Know It All”…. when you think you do… your business will fail!

Have a great day….


Outside Influences

January 14, 2009

influence :
verb [T]
to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves or thinks

Outside Influences are one of mans “self driven” worst enermies and over the past 6 years I have come across an endless number of people who have made life changing decisions based on someone elses view and opinions.

You see, as human beings we have to make sure that what we are doing is right, therefore we seek others approval, opinions and views. When we buy a car, book a holiday or join a Health Club, we generally make that decision based on what others have said.

Plus..have you stopped and wondered just how much influence everyday things such as TV, Radio and Newspapers have on our mindset.

When you look at your next newspaper, just take a second and scroll through the pages, front to back, add up how many “bad news” stories there are and compare that to how many “good news” stories there are. I can guarantee that you will find more Negative Influenece on your mind set than positive.

So what do I mean: Below is link to my site and a scenario that I found my self in that I think best explains what I mean by “Negative Outside Influences”

Visit , visit the training link and view the rest of “Outside Infuences”


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Search Marketing Blogs Update 010709


It’s a new year and a new update to TopRank’s BIGLIST of search marketing blogs.

Hi all, searching for tips and ideas about Social Media,SEO and Network Marketing I have found some interesting links via my TopRankBlog listing.

Here are the general Top 10 Blogging Tips

1.Write to be helpful.
2.Be brief.
3.Tell a story.
4.Connect others, if appropriate.
5.Share. Often.
6.Don’t overthink it. (It’s a blog, not a dissertation.)
7.But be thoughtful.
8.Don’t be mean.
9.Publish often enough to build a relationship.
10.But be mindful of your audience’s time.

Enjoy and if you have any success or find something from the articles that has been of use,
please feed it back to me so I can pass it on to our Associates.

I have read and use Randy Cage’s writtings and posts to help me understand the power of Network marketing, personal development and the human “Mind Set”. Brilliant site and a must see for anyone concidering Network Marketing or starting there own internet business.

Understanding the power of Social Media Marketing can only help improve your hits and getting your message out on to the internet. This interesting review by some of the top Internet Business Builders gives you an insight in to the world of social Media.

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The site has been updated and now includes – GEM Training and GEM Newsletters.

See you on the Island in 2009!