What is Hits Mobile

Hits Mobile is a Virtual Mobile Network platform that is being promoted through the GEM Lifestyle Spain business opportunity. This simply means that they piggy back in on an existing network buying up unused bandwidth, which gives advantages to both the network holder and the VMO. Hits runs on the Vodafone network so has the advantage too of being excellent in terms of coverage and reliability.

Hits is aiming at a niche market within Spain of foreign residents who want to phone abroad, back home in many cases, cheaply, and are often afraid to make that call through their current provider as the costs can be astronomical. The target audience of Hits are the 80%, more or less, who use a pay as you go mobile. One of the huge advantages is that calls can be made between Hits mobile phones free. There are a couple of limitations on this, maximum call length of ten mins per call and 60 mins per day between two particular phones but as the vast majority of calls are 2 minutes or less this is not perceived to be a problem. This means that you can get a phone each for family members, business employees, group or club members and reduce communication costs within an organisation greatly.

Primarily the company is aimed at the 8 million people living in Spain that are not from Spain. These people can benefit from a couple of advantages that Hits Mobile has over its competitors. Firstly, the support in the call centre and on the website is available in six languages, Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Romanian and German. This covers most of the foreign population in Spain. Secondly and most importantly calls to the countries identified by the company as the most important niche markets are cheap, the UK is 5.3 cents per minute on the standard rate, Morocco is 14 cents, Romania is 8 cents, the United States costs 5.3 cents, France is 5.3 cents and the South American countries are generally 5.3 cents per minute. Even ringing a mobile is cheap with the UK being just 19 cents per minute, no cards and complicated numbers to put in, no access codes or anything just a straight call at any time of the day. If you make your calls after 8pm then the price can be 4.8 cents to those normally charged at 5.3 cents.

The other main group aimed at in the demographic are small businesses, groups and associations and extended families as calls between Hits mobile phones are free, gratis or zilch at the moment. The only limits are a maximum of ten minutes per call and 60 minutes per day or 500 minutes per month. After that they are 10 cents per minute so still cheap.Hits Mobile has just two pricing policies for national calls. You can either pay 15 cents per minute at all times to calls to landlines and mobiles, or you can pay 29 cents between 12 midnight and 8pm and 5 cents between 8pm and midnight. Most people will go for the standard charge at all times as this is the most beneficial.

Hits looks like it will be live from the GEM Homepage and GEM Island in the next week or so. Therefore if you are thinking of how you can accommodate Hits Mobile into your marketing and demographic of your client list then sign up for free here as a Gemmer and look at what is offered as it comes online. Equally if you are going to want one of these excellent mobile phone deals then sign up here on my site and I will send you info as soon as the phones are available.


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