How To Get A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking in Google

January 19, 2009

First of all if your not in the top 10 search ranking in Google your missing out on a ton of free traffic. This is something every marketer needs to pay attention to. Now typically this takes the internet savvy business professional at least five business days to accomplish. But, I’ve discovered this is possible in 1 hour utilizing the right tools.

Having a top 10 search engine ranking results in more traffic, leads and sales with lower overall costs. The best way I have found to accomplish this is by producing videos and disseminating them across the web. To disseminate literally means to spread abroad as though sowing seed and to disperse throughout.

One tool I’ve found to be very effective in speeding up and simplifying this process is Traffic Geyser. Their main focus is driving qualified visitors to your targeted website or phone number. They accomplish this by rapidly distributing your promo messages to as many places as possible in order to generate links, back links and dominate keywords and key phrases as quickly as possible.

When it comes to ranking in Google you definitely want to keep online video at the fore front of your mind. Using online videos is an awesome way to engage your online audience. You have the advantage of communicating your message on multiple levels

• visual imagery
• spoken word
• music
• and visual text

Which is how people effectively learn. So you’re getting your message through on a much deeper level.

This is really a powerful way to market because of the engagement potential, SEO value and savvy way to create an online presence.

It’s just a great way for anyone to reach a huge audience for a minimal investment. This is why the return on investment for online video marketing can be incredibly rewarding. But like any rewarding system online video marketing can be very time consuming. That is why I highly recommend utilizing the tools available. My favorite at this point for this particular skill is again Traffic Geyser. Leveraging off of Traffic Geyser is by far the most effective way to get a top 10 search engine ranking in Google results.

You can try Traffic Geyser 30 days for free. Go give it a test drive… have a prosporous week.


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