Excellent recording of tonights GEM Lifestyle Video Broadcast with Peter Powderham

January 15, 2009

If you missed the live video broadcast then ensure you watch the recording below. There are some important updates on developments.

>> Click here to view the recording

(Note: You must view the playback in
Internet Explorer)

Here is some of the Text Chat feedback:

guest855939: thank you both very much. Really appreciate it (Patrick and Vicki)
guest855956: Thank you Shush … Diolch Peter From Wales
guest855985: Thanks great call more webcasts are a great idea
guest855944: great job gentlemen
guest855947: well done gents – excellent webcast. Stuart

Some of our worldwide viewing
guest855991: What about Kina asked by Alain in Denmark
guest856003: Hi – from Paul – Desborough
guest855960: FRANK, DENMARK
guest855965: hello Belgium here
guest855997: Lydia from Netherlands
guest855971: David cyprus
guest855996: Alex, UK
guest855998: HI From Bill, croydon uk
guest855967: Steve from swindon
guest855961: Julie all good Northants
guest855955: Larry usa
guest855956: Kevin Wales
guest855991: Alain is from DENMARK
guest855975: Dr. Tai, Birmingham
guest855995: anthony can hear you UK
guest855963: Mathieu Ostend belgium
guest855991: Alain Denmark
guest855985: Martyn, nothants
guest855962: Carlos, Nicaragua
guest855984: Jacqui, Marlow
guest855974: Hello Shush from George, Manchester
guest855957: Hi Shush & Peter, it’s Am, Crawley
guest855946: Steve East Yorkshire (hope u enjoyed your curry!)
guest855948: Frode Norway
guest855942: Trevor solihull
guest855939: Hi Shush, Hi Peter. From Patrick and Vicki in Lincoln
guest855944: Hi guys – Gary in exotic Weston-Super-Mare…you both look great tonight gents!
guest855947: good evening gents – stuart here burgess hill, uk
guest855943: Hi Shush and Peter how are you both Martin here from Corby
guest855940: Gary from wales
guest855945: Mike, Bromley
guest855941: Andy from Belgium
guest855936: roger – wakefield
guest855934: Nik – Norwich


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