Online Marketing Ideas – Social Networks

January 12, 2009

Online marketing is becoming more and more important and forms an important part of any marketing campaign. This is a big topic and it is impossible for me to cover everything here. I will use external links to point you to external resources if necessary.

For people with no or little marketing budget

1. Free online advertisement/directories

There are a lot of free advertisement websites on the internet. If you go to google and search for “free online advertisement”, you will find many of these sites. Some are better than others. Do not be too picky at this stage. Find as many online advertising sites as possible and post your advertisement there. Example of websites are,,,,

2. Forum advertising

Again, use google to search for “network marketing forum”, “mlm forum”, “business forum” etc. Register, create a profile and include your Gem Lifestyle website address in your profile. You can also include your website address in your signature which will appear at the bottom of you post. PLEASE DO NOT HARD SELL. Try to be helpful and answer other people’s questions. Build up a good reputation in the forums and people will automatically go to your profile to find out more about you. Example of forums are,, just to name a few. There are lots out there.

3. Web 2.0 or Social Networking

If you are not using web 2.0 marketing, you are missing out on a lot of free traffic. Read this article to get some idea.

3a. Social Network

Have you heard Officebook and Myspace? These are online social networks where people can create a profile and interact with other people in the network. There most popular ones are Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Linkedin and twitter. Once you have created free accounts on these websites, write a couple of paragraphs about yourself and your business and then include a link to your website. People love to view other people’s profiles and find out what they do. DO NOT hard sell.

Once setup, do a search on subjects like “Entrepreneurs” “Network Marketing” “Property Investors” etc. (I’m sure you will think of many) and start inviting people to be your friends and start connecting with people.

Some of these sites like Facebook let you create groups with specific interests and other people can join your group. This is also a great way to drive traffic.

3b. Blogs

If you do not know what a blog is, go to wikipedia site here. In short, it is a system where anyone can create their own online presence for free. Simply sign up for a free account and start posting! Popular blog hosts are Blogspot, and WordPress. One example of blogs is my Gem Opportunity Updates support Blog.

Blogs have the advantage of being very search engine friendly (means your blog can be found be google and yahoo easily) and bloggers like to look at other people’s blogs, hence creating free traffic.

3c. Other web 2.0 site.

There are other websites where you can network with other people and create your online presence. These are neither blogs nor social network site but have similar function and advantages. These include Squidoo and OneView.

4. Ezine Marketing

There are many Ezine websites where you can contribute and submit your articles. You should create articles which are of value to other readers and submit to these sites. You are usually allowed to put your website address at the bottom of the page. A popular Ezine is You can find more similar one using Google.

5. Video Advertising.

Videos you put on Video Sharing Sites like YouTube are very search engine friendly and can attract a lot of viewers or visitors. You can put up any videos you like but make sure it is business related. You can then put your website address on the video screen (if you know how to do that) or in the video description. If you go to YouTube and search “gem lifestyle” or “network marketing”, you will know what I mean. Other video sites are, Dailymotion, Revver, Metacafe, Vimeo, NetVibes and Viddler. Again, you can find more of these sites using Google.

With all the different sites for video upload, there is a site where you can upload your video to all video sharing sites at the same time. For more information, check out the

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