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January 8, 2009

Search Marketing Blogs Update 010709


It’s a new year and a new update to TopRank’s BIGLIST of search marketing blogs.

Hi all, searching for tips and ideas about Social Media,SEO and Network Marketing I have found some interesting links via my TopRankBlog listing.

Here are the general Top 10 Blogging Tips

1.Write to be helpful.
2.Be brief.
3.Tell a story.
4.Connect others, if appropriate.
5.Share. Often.
6.Don’t overthink it. (It’s a blog, not a dissertation.)
7.But be thoughtful.
8.Don’t be mean.
9.Publish often enough to build a relationship.
10.But be mindful of your audience’s time.

Enjoy and if you have any success or find something from the articles that has been of use,
please feed it back to me so I can pass it on to our Associates.


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