News About Our 1st UK Launch Meeting..

November 12, 2008

Our first UK GEM Lifestyle meeting was a great success. We had people travel in from Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and from all over the UK.

Mark Campbell and his team demonstrated the 3D GEM Island with the avatar visiting the 3D casinos and 3D shops. We stopped by at the Dunhill and Gucci store while in the shopping mall.
Then we moved into the 3D lounge area where there was a cocktail bar and a 3D virtual waiter offered us a drink. It was just incredible. Associates and Gemmers can expect to see
the 3D Island launched by early 2009.

It was also announced that a deal has been struck with 32 Red who will be coming onto the Island soon and that GEM Lifestyle are in talks with some other top brand name online gaming companies to also be on the Island.
Think of the gaming section of the Island as becoming a “Virtual Vegas”.
Sam Singh (pictured right) from London walked away with a new Ipod Touch in a prize draw held at the end. With several others winning other prizes.
Mark Campbell and Chris Copeland continue the launch tour to Germany and then onto Spain.
For details of those events click here

Becoming A Full

GEM Lifestyle Associate..When you become a full associate for EUR 275 you will benefit from the following:


1. Access to revenue share bonus pools with pay plan qualification.

2. Incredible viral building system via your Free Gemmer network.
(Tune into Wednesdays Live Broadcast for more details – see events below)

3. Have a (username) site to sponsor other associates.
(New design is coming soon)

4. Have a (username) site to signup free gemmers.

5. Get a new design virtual office which will have real time commission reporting, genealogy, archived emails, training & contact manager (for prospecting slash pages)

6. Soon you will receive a choice of prospecting splash pages which with contain a form fill, contact manager and autoresponder messages. Final designs are being worked on this week.

We have identified and fixed many technical teething problems over the last few days thanks to your feedback. Please continue to let us know if you have any further problems.

Note: There are no monthly fees for associates. Annual renewal fee for your business is
EUR 100.00

How to upgrade to a full associate:



 Go to your own personal gem lifestyle referral link. For example mine is  (remove “sbussley” and add your own username)

  1. On top right corner you will see the UK and the German flag, next to those you will see “login”.
  2. Use your username and password to login, (it is important to use that “login” link next to the flags)
  3. Complete your profile, continue to the questioner page which will then continue to the payment page.

Using the above procedure you and your team members can upgrade to an associate and position yourself ahead of the masses in this incredible program.

Important note: If someone completes the associate registration but does not complete payment they will be automatically be registered as a FREE GEMMER.







REMINDER – Weeks GEM Lifestyle Events..

Tuesday 11th November..

8pm UK Time, 21:00CET, 3pm EST, 12noon Pacific
Business Opportunity Presentation:

WEDNESDAY 12th November

8.30pm (UK Time), 21:30 CET, 3:30 EST 
Live Webcast – Update from Shush Arya  

Thursday 13th November..

7pm UK Time, 20:00CET, 2PM EST, 11AM Pacific –
Founder Opportunity Conference Call  in English
or call 001 2184863695 Pin/Bridge 372608

Thursday 13th November..

7:30pm UK, 20:30pm CET, 2:30pm EST, 11:30am Pacific
Founder Opportunity Conference Call  
in Spanish
or call 001 2184863695 Pin/Bridge 372608


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