Welcome to the GEM Lifestyle Team

October 13, 2008

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell – Founder and Associate Director

Mark has a unique vision when it comes to building new businesses and has repeatedly produced sustained revenue and EBITA growth in dynamic and changing environments. Full Board Member on a number of Companies and a Member of the Institute of Directors. Concurrently CIO of “Gran Scala”, a multi billion euro project, to build a new Entertainment City in Spain.

Achievements in oil additive, telecoms and gaming software companies. Mark has strong leadership capabilities and is performance driven. Mark has led and motivated multiple teams of more than 600 employees.

Managed business divisions exceeding €300 million revenue and with Jazztel PLC was part of a successful multibillion $ flotation on NASDAQ. 

Chris Copeland

 Chris Copeland – Associate Director

Chris, originally from Cape Town, came to England 30 years ago to assist a friend in developing an international business and eventually controlled a sales force in 12 countries worldwide.

He went on to found his own financial services company and achieved Chairman status for the South of England Life Assurance Association; Chairman for the Million Dollar Round Table – a prestigious American organisation; and for six consecutive years qualified as one of the top 20 financial service producers in England (out of 250,000 consultants).

Chris is well known for giving motivational and topical lectures in the UK and overseas. He specialises in mitigating tax and raising capital for company start ups.

Chris was involved in setting up one of the first Network Marketing organisations in South Africa. 

Peter Powderham

Peter T. Powderham – Founder Associate

A former London Police Officer, Peter has been in Network Marketing for over 28 years. Today he enjoys the lifestyle and time freedom possible from the industry.

His successful career includes association with five companies as they achieved billion dollar worldwide sales, having been the master distributor with four companies, a senior executive for several of the industry giants and a consultant to many others.

Peter has served on the UK DSA legal task force, DSA counsel and as a WFDSA representative. He has featured in numerous Network Marketing articles, writes in industry publications and has appeared on BBC business news.

He is one of the best known leaders and exponents of Network Marketing in the industry worldwide. 

Elaine Fishberg

 Elaine F. Fishberg – Founder Associate

Attracted by the prospect of financial independence, Elaine decided to resume a working career and entered Network Marketing 18 years ago. She has a proven, hugely successful and dynamic track record across a number of different major global organisations in this sector.

Elaine is a 6 figure a year earner and has been on the advisory council of all the companies she has worked with. She has participated as Master Distributor with two companies, creating training programmes and spearheading global expansion. She gained experience in internet gaming as a Founding Associate with a well known brand name company.
  Charles Chisnall

 Charles Chisnall – Founder Associate

Charles abandoned retail management for the lure of Network Marketing 14 years ago. He achieved top distributor status with a UK telecoms company, with over 300,000 customers and a 6 figure income.

Seeking a new challenge in an international networking environment, Charles moved on to build an international business whilst promoting an internet product. Capitalising on his success and experience in the Network Marketing industry, he was then invited to participate as a Founding Distributor with one of the most successful internet gaming companies in the world.

Charles has participated as a high profile distributor member of advisory boards with three companies and has worked with several Network Marketing entities, offering consulting expertise on compensation plans, web site content, marketing and legal issues.


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