GEM Lifestyle – Frequently Asked Questions

October 7, 2008

Gem Lifestyle

Who is Gem Lifestyle? 

A Guernsey based Limited company that is operating an online entertainment portal.
Are they registered for VAT? 
VAT is not applicable in Guernsey.
Who are Websurf Services Limited? 
They are a service company based in the UK that are contracted to GemLifestyle to
Administer parts of Gem Lifestyle’s business.

Gem Island

What is Gem Island?
This is our online Island where all players & Associates go to.
Players go there to access all the games. Associates go to access their virtual office and for conferences.

Can anyone go there?
Only players & Associates registered with Gem lifestyle.

Will it ever become too crowded?
The island can always be made bigger so it will never be too crowded.

Can I own any land or a building on the island?
Not at present but the company are looking at many options after launch.

Why can not I see all the island?
The island is still under construction.

Do I have to travel around the island to get to where I want to go?
No you will never be more than 3 clicks of a mouse away from where you want to go.
There will be menu bars to allow for travelling straight to a place you wish to go.


Why have a Pre-launch?
We want to build a group of Pre-associates ready for launch so as to cope with the demand from players to try our games.

What is different during Pre-launch?
There will be no facility to gather players during pre-launch, just Pre-Associates

Why can I not sign up Players during this period?
The company do not intend to launch the games until launch so the players will have no games to play.

Can I earn any commission during Pre-launch?
No commissions can be earned during pre-launch as there are no players until launch.
All commissions are earned from the gaming of players


Can I earn any commission in Pre-Launch?
No commissions can be earned from Pre-launch.

Can I earn from sponsoring new Associates?
No – The company only pay commissions after launch from the activity of real money Players.

Associate Fund

What is it?
A fund that has 25% of the commissions from all Associates that qualify in the sapphire Pool. It can be withdrawn at any time but cannot be put back. The value that an Associates has in the fund will be proportionate to the shares offered in Gemlifestyle Limited.

Can I get my money out of the fund?
Yes at any time, subject to a small admin charge

Is my money safe in the fund?
Yes it will be controlled by Trustees.

What does the company do with the money?
The money will be invested 100% in a secure place. More details later.

Can the fund become so large that my share becomes too small to be of value?
As the size of the company will be proportionate to the size of the fund, the value of the company will be higher, so the value of your share of the fund will stay in proportion to your share of the fund.

Revenue Sharing Plan

Why is this plan different from other plans?
All commissions are paid out through the 4 Revenue sharing pools. No Associate can earn commissions from any individual player.

Can I earn more than my sponsor?
Yes – Every Associate that qualifies in any of the pools earns an equal share with all the other qualified Associates in that pool. So if you are in the same pool as your sponsor you both receive the same amount but if you are in a higher pool you would receive a larger commission. Also you can earn more money because of the matching commissions

How do I know when I have entered any of the pools?
The reporting systems in your back office will give you all the information you need to know your situation on a daily bases for entering a pool and for qualification in a pool

How do I know how my personally sponsored associates are doing and their Associates?
As you progress through the pools you will be given detailed reports to show you how your Associates are doing both in sponsoring Associates and Players.

Players & Associates

What are Players?
Players are people that join to play games only.

Will there be a Free Play Option?
Yes people will be able to register as a Free Player on an Associates website.

Can they become Associates?
Yes players can become Associates by joining through an Associates web site.

Can an Associate become a player?
Yes by clicking a “become a player” in their own player web site. This will only be available after launch.

What happens if one of my players becomes an Associate?
Their player volume changes from PPP to PSAPP (see plan). As you need PSAPP to qualify and get into the pools their player points will still be needed. When they become an Associate they will become their own player. You would expect them to want this to happen. We have created a plan that allows that to happen.

Can one of my players register as an Associate with another Associate?
The system will only allow a player to become an Associate through the same Associate that gathered them as a player. This is done through checking the e-mail address and personal details.

Can one of my players or Associates re-register with another associate?
If an associate resigns they have to wait 6 months before being able to register with another Associate. If there are special circumstances then the company can make a decision to allow re-registration.

Why do players have their own web site?
So they can tell their friends who can register through their site. The company can then track this new person and the Associate who registered the player who referred their friend can be given the gaming points. It also allows the company to put information on the players web sitre to increase the chance of them playing more games.


What games are available during Per-launch?
Scratch card on the mobile phone and many internet games, which will be added during pre-launch for free play.

When will new games become available?
During Pre-launch we will be showing the games coming at launch.

Will the company only be offering gaming products?
No -more details soon

Your Group

What is my group?
They are the Associates you personally sponsored and the Associates they sponsored
And the Associates sponsored by them down to unlimited levels.

Can I contact them?
You will only be given details of Associates that you personally sponsor or that were placed under you by placement sponsorship.

Can I see who is in my group?
You cannot see the names of Associates in your group except for personally sponsored. You will see the number of Associates in your group.

Personal Details

Can I change my username?
No this cannot be changed

Can I change my password?
Yes – go to the personal details section

Can I change my e-mail address?
Yes – go to the personal details section

Can I change my Sponsor?
No it is not possible to change sponsor. You can resign and join another Associate after 6 months.


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