So why have we and thousands of others joined GEM Lifestyle

October 4, 2008

So WHY have we and thousands of others since Gem Lifestyle went into pre-launch on August 8th 2008, decided to choose Gem Lifestyle as a vehicle to achieve our goals in life:

But first, we want to clarify the companies objective:

To build the world’s largest online gaming and entertainment company that one day intends be to listed on a recognized exchange!
Go to this link to read the full vision behind the Gem Lifestyle concept:

So here are our specific reason’s for choosing Gem Lifestyle:-

1. The management headed by Mark Campbell is a first class team of individuals, with a well balanced corporate and network marketing influence.
Mark Campbell’s resume came from:


and this interview with Mark in 2006 will be of interest to all of you reading this post:

2. The Industry and the market size: Online gaming generates revenues of over $10bn annually (source, and is set to double over the next 5 years. So a huge demanding and growing global market to tap on.

3. Excellent products and service using both the latest mobile phone internet and technology.
Products Offered:

Go to this link to see more information on products:

• Four 3D Casino’s
– €2m jackpot slots
– Roulette, blackjack and poker
• Skill Games
– Chess
– Backgammon
• Fantasy Sports
– Football go to this link one of Mark Campbell’s companies
– Formula car racing
• Horse Racing
• Lottery
– Scratch Cards
• And much, much, more…..
• All available on Mobile & Internet in a
totally unique and exciting environment
using the latest 3D graphical interface

4. A Unique yet simple and powerful marketing plan based on revenue sharing using the power of word of mouth advertising.

go to this link for more info on the marketing plan:

5. 35% of the company share will go to all those associates who help build the company. So we have the opportunity of not just building an MLM organization and earning an income but also have the ability to own part of the company. So the harder we work the more the value of the company therefore the bigger our share value.

To conclude this post we have in Gem Lifestyle a unique company, with unique products and a new and unique approach to the network marketing world.

Gem Lifestyle WILL be the BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT PLATFORM in Europe – EVER – before it move to ASIA.

NOW is the time to take action and position yourself in front of the trend.

Those of you who live in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Holland please note:

if you want to be part of a dedicated team of leaders who are focused in YOUR success first and foremost, so long as you have the desire and the dedication, then please register yourself by going to this URL:

or contact us on:

+44 7793 240671
skype: stuartbussley

The dedicated leaders of our group are ready to help you achieve a GEM LIFESTYLE!


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