GEM Lifestyle reveals Taak’in Palace at GEM Island

October 2, 2008

Taak’in Palace, our fantastic New Mayan themed casino is currently under construction by our advanced team of web designers.

They are carefully structuring everything down to the very last detail, ensuring this is the most spectacular gaming experience ever seen on the web. Taak’in Palace will be home to many of the big time games, including Poker, Black jack, Roulette, slots and many more!!!

When you step into Taak’in Palace you will feel an overwhelming sense of ore. This will be a multi tiered casino, that will take you level by level to all the games you desire. Taken from the ancient Mayan language, Taak’in means money.

We are very excited about the opening of Taak’in Palace, we hope all visitors will experience the true meaning of the word “Taak’in”.
GEM is very thrilled to share the vision of Taak’in Palace with you. Look out for our next themed casino coming soon.

Visit or for all the latest business information. join us today at


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