Products and Services
GEM Island will offer a wide range of products and services for visitors to the Island.


Gem Island will be operating licensed casinos in Alderney and Malta.  The Island will be launched with two fun, action packed themed casinos.
• Augustus Palace
• Mayan Themed Casino

Each themed casino will allow the user to play traditional Casino style games in an online virtual setting. The casinos will include an impressive mix of games, and fantastic bonuses which are second to none. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive promotions, as well as being part of first-rate loyalty scheme.
Games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Poker and Video slots will be available within the Casinos.
GEM Island will offer players quality online casino products, using impressive player interfaces. 

Skill Games

The Island will include a wide range of skill games to players on both a national and international level. Players can compete against skilled champions, play friendly one on one games as well as enter tournaments.
Games such as; 
• Chess
• Backgammon
• Solitaire

Your skill will determine the outcome of the game, there is no luck involved!
Players lay a wager on themselves and the winner of the game/tournament will takes the pot.

Virtual Banking

Within the business district visitors are able to do their banking using various virtual banks. Eliminating the hassle of going into your local branch, you can pay for anything, anywhere at any time. There will be many advantages for you.
• Open 24/7 and is only a mouse click away.
• No waiting in a queue for a cashier
• Your transactions can be executed and confirmed within minutes.
Like your traditional bank GEM Islands virtual banking will include a wide range of services, from looking at your basic current or savings account to applying for loans.  Transfer money overseas in minutes from the luxury of your virtual bank. 


GEM Island will be furnished with a multi storey shopping mall which will contain a number of retail units with virtual inter-connecting walkways. The mall will be the home of high street stores as well as department stores and high end fashion stores. The mall will include shops such as Nichole De Carle, special occasion couture, evening and bridal lingerie.