What’s happening now?

The GEM Virtual Office is now well under way.

You have a comprehensive back office to manage your business, with the final stages of the Business Presentation Platform and Contact Manager near completion.

Weekly newsletters are now issued to all our Associates with development news which with a host of other information are easily accessed via News & Support.

 Your Income offers a complete breakdown of all your Associates and Pre-Associates who are looking to receive business updates. Here is an overview of all the back office support systems being developed:

  1. View and edit personal details including your contact email address and your login password.
  2. Catch up with all the latest news from Gem Lifestyle and raise any issues with associate support.
  3. View your income earned from Gem on a month by month basis.
  4. Download any files provided to promote your business.
  5. View your group details, people you have personally sponsored and the numbers in their teams. You will only have to contact details of the people you have personally sponsored at this stage.
  6. View the FAQ section for common problems and questions.
  7. Eventually you will be able to play games – this will come later.
  8. You will also have a robust contact manager which will house all the contact details of any prospects who have visited your site and left their details (this will be via a splash page which will collect details from prospect before they see the main website).

All of this is laid out in a very user friendly way which is easy to navigate.