Products and Services
GEM Island will offer a wide range of products and services for visitors to the Island.


Gem Island will be operating licensed casinos in Alderney and Malta.  The Island will be launched with two fun, action packed themed casinos.
• Augustus Palace
• Mayan Themed Casino

Each themed casino will allow the user to play traditional Casino style games in an online virtual setting. The casinos will include an impressive mix of games, and fantastic bonuses which are second to none. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive promotions, as well as being part of first-rate loyalty scheme.
Games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Poker and Video slots will be available within the Casinos.
GEM Island will offer players quality online casino products, using impressive player interfaces. 

Skill Games

The Island will include a wide range of skill games to players on both a national and international level. Players can compete against skilled champions, play friendly one on one games as well as enter tournaments.
Games such as; 
• Chess
• Backgammon
• Solitaire

Your skill will determine the outcome of the game, there is no luck involved!
Players lay a wager on themselves and the winner of the game/tournament will takes the pot.

Virtual Banking

Within the business district visitors are able to do their banking using various virtual banks. Eliminating the hassle of going into your local branch, you can pay for anything, anywhere at any time. There will be many advantages for you.
• Open 24/7 and is only a mouse click away.
• No waiting in a queue for a cashier
• Your transactions can be executed and confirmed within minutes.
Like your traditional bank GEM Islands virtual banking will include a wide range of services, from looking at your basic current or savings account to applying for loans.  Transfer money overseas in minutes from the luxury of your virtual bank. 


GEM Island will be furnished with a multi storey shopping mall which will contain a number of retail units with virtual inter-connecting walkways. The mall will be the home of high street stores as well as department stores and high end fashion stores. The mall will include shops such as Nichole De Carle, special occasion couture, evening and bridal lingerie.


Network Marketing or Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model that combines franchising with direct marketing.

Billionaires Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have all bought or created networking marketing companies since the turn of the 21st Century. This is because these giants of the business world recognise how efficient a business model network marketing is.

Over $100 Billion worth of goods and services are distributed by over 30 million distributors in 120 countries around the world who are involved in network marketing (Mutli Level Marketing). The network marketing industry had created many millionaire distributors who have completely transformed their lives within a short few years of becoming involved.

To read more and really understand the overall concept of Network Marketing visit our new “What is Network Marketing” review at

Here you can download our FREE E-book – “Why we recommend Network Marketing”

Warmest regards – Stuart and Roberta

Welcome to GEM Lifestyle

To Attention all UK, Spain, Norway and Germany Business Associates

When was the last time you were part of a huge company before it even started? This is an exclusive personal invitation to join us at GEM Island and GEM Lifestyle, a brand new gaming entertainment and social network cummunity with a global revenue sharing income stream.

This is a PRE-LAUNCH opportunity, with the official business launch due on October 31st, 2008.


Last night, on an update conference call founder of GEM Lifestyle Mark Campbell announced some very important things:

  1. They have scrapped the €30 Pre-Associate signup fee and that now a Pre-Associates can join for FREE up until 30th October and receive their own GEM wesbite to Pre-Build for FREE ahead of the launch.
  2. This decision is that the Company want to deliver by launch an incredible gob smacking range of games that will just wow everyone.
  3. That people must understand that GEM Lifestyle is NOT just about online gambling, but will be an incredilby dynamic 3D virtual Island where members will have access to a massive range of products and services. The Island will attract advertisers and online merchants due to the profiling of the members. All these revenues will contribute to the bonus pools in the pay plan and also help fuel the value of the company.
  4. The company have employed a top PR company based in Brighton to help create the GEM Lifestyle brand. They have already secured a place at the ICE exhibition the largest of it’s type for gambling and gaming.   

 We are already building the best team who are ready for success.

Please watch the 2-minute video at .

If you believe in yourself and you have the drive to succeed, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Just what you were looking for!  We would love to have you on our team if it is.. Opportunity and choice, this is an outstanding opportunity, we will leave you to make the choice.


There is some more exciting news about the GEM Lifestyle business opportunity conference calls in the future. You and your prospects will be able to listen to the Thursday night calls for FREE over the internet. The next 2 weeks call details are:

EVENT:  GEM Lifestyle Opportunity Call UK
DATE & TIME: Thursday, September 11th at 7:00pm GMT/UTC
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Free Webcast — it’s your choice)

Listen to the Founders and Business Builders Live. Invite your contacts and Business Associates to our calls.

Join us today or find out more about GEM Lifestyle at;

What’s happening now?

The GEM Virtual Office is now well under way.

You have a comprehensive back office to manage your business, with the final stages of the Business Presentation Platform and Contact Manager near completion.

Weekly newsletters are now issued to all our Associates with development news which with a host of other information are easily accessed via News & Support.

 Your Income offers a complete breakdown of all your Associates and Pre-Associates who are looking to receive business updates. Here is an overview of all the back office support systems being developed:

  1. View and edit personal details including your contact email address and your login password.
  2. Catch up with all the latest news from Gem Lifestyle and raise any issues with associate support.
  3. View your income earned from Gem on a month by month basis.
  4. Download any files provided to promote your business.
  5. View your group details, people you have personally sponsored and the numbers in their teams. You will only have to contact details of the people you have personally sponsored at this stage.
  6. View the FAQ section for common problems and questions.
  7. Eventually you will be able to play games – this will come later.
  8. You will also have a robust contact manager which will house all the contact details of any prospects who have visited your site and left their details (this will be via a splash page which will collect details from prospect before they see the main website).

All of this is laid out in a very user friendly way which is easy to navigate.

 Google Adwords – Keep It Simple

Well, we can’t sit here and claim to be Google AdWords experts, and believe me, we have spent many a day wondering why we have received many clicks and NO registrations over the years. I would suggest we have over the past 5 – 6 years run over 100 campaigns using all sorts of keywords, phrases, some trying to be clever and some very basic. 

So we thought you might find it useful if we gave you our 5 top tips for setting up your successful Google AdWords advertising campaign and hopefully reduce your Google Adwords spend.

1. K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple System.

So, we are on the Google Adwords page, we have set up our account and we want to take on the world!!! Opps… thats the first mistake to make. Writing your “catch phrase” to get people looking at you account is just as important as the information they will find on the site you wish to send them to. There are thousands of people on the net all trying to impress and “bold statements” and “promises” are not the way to do it.


One thing that will guarantee visits, but not conversion’s is for your hard earned visitor to land on your page only to find what you “told” them is not exactly true. So, if it’s an opportunity like GEM – Keep it simple:

GEM Opportunity

New online gaming and

3D biz. Information here.

It looks boring, it looks the same as everyone else I hear you say, well, yes, but at least it’s factual and truthful. Your visitor wont get anything other than what you have said they will. What you have to remember is that Google also places your adds based on the number of “click throughs” that you achieve – it’s NOT all about how much you spend!

2. K E Y W O R D S: 

Great, you have your advert in place, so lets get loads of keywords, get them all over the internet and sit back! 2nd mistake that so many people make. Setting up 100’s of keyword phrases into your AdWords campaign will not work and I can guarantee, will cost you a lot of money with very little return. We organize our keywords into small targeted groups. Having 3 – 4 different Groups, with 2 – 3 keywords in them will help you identify which keywords generate the best responses. Over a period you will be able to collate your Groups and then focus on a proven Group, therefore increasing your hits and reducing your spend.


By simply creating more than one add in each Group, running them at different times is the easiest and most effective way to improve on your ad click through rates.Think of Google as your shop window, keep freshening up your display and more people will notice. When you create a Google AdWords campaign make sure to add a second or even third ad to the campaign. When the ads are up and running on Google you will soon get the click through percentages of each ad, as Google rotates your adds for you automatically. Then monitor your respnses, building an informed picture of your click throughs.

Once it is apparent which ad is pulling the most click throughs, you simply replace the other one or two and repeat the process. That way you can continually increase your ad effectiveness and subsequent ad costs.


This will take some work as the less competitive the keyword phrases usually the less amount of traffic available. So, you need to persevere, adding a new keyword group and ad every day until you are satisfied with the level of traffic. You can find 1000s of long-tail(3-5 word) keyword phrases related to your targeted market, which are going to cost very little per click through.

Another way to achieve traffic for low cost is to go after product names or the names of experts in your niche. This is a favourite tactic of Internet marketers. Product names and the names of gurus usually cost very little to rank highly on Google AdWords, yet prospects are searching for these terms everyday.


Not setting a daily budget is the quickest way to give Google Adwords your money. You have a “cost per click” facility, but you also have a “Cost per day” setting. Don’t go mad, building a good level of enquiry will take time, there is NO quick fix or easy answer, so take your time and monitor your results. No matter how clear the instructions, getting efficient and profitable with Google AdWords is going to take at least a little trial and error. The most important thing is that you get started.

Follow the steps above in setting up your campaign and log in frequently to check your progress and ad costs.

Good luck.



Welcome to GEM Lifestyle

Welcome to GEM Lifestyle


Its getting exciting and the momentum is growing. Following a call tonight with Mark Campbell we are very pleased to announce:





Also, we can confirm that a major software provider has now confirmed an initial investment in our business of 500,000 Euros.


1)   100% compliant with all legislation across – Germany – Spain – Norway

2)   100% commitment to the share holders that all must be correct at time of launch to Europe – Associates / Affiliates are shareholders

3)   30th October is our official launch date – software and support needs to be in place: 50 support staff in Spain and the UK are now building our back office structure, business promotion, product advertising and business awareness.

4)   Casinos are now near completion with 3D gaming offering interactive player systems.

5)   Fun Games: GEM Lifestyle are also finalising our NONE gambling package of products specifically for the teen audience.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey and fantastic opportunity to grow a European Business and if you wish to know more please visit:

Now visit or for further information about our opportunity.