b-s-wedding-21Hello, if you have visited my site today, then you are obviously looking for “something” to help you build a business.

That “something” could be: Advice – Tips – Topics – News (and dare we say it because everyone else seems to) Secrets.

Now before we go any further, I need to get something off my chest. There are NO secrets, there is not a magic solution or “thingy” that you do to suddenly turn on the traffic, get people spending money, finding 100’s or 1000’s of Associates, Affiliates, Distributors.

Sorry!! If that is what you are looking for from my site, then please dont look any further, because I dont have it.

So, what do I have, what can I offer to you, why should you even bother subscribing to my Newsletters?

For the last 6 years I have worked within the Network Marketing arena. Today, with far more experience, I strongly believe that there are genuine opportunities across a global market which is already established and is growing exponentially, thats the Work From Home / Internet Industry.

I have worked very closely with some of the most successful Network Marketers, both here and in Europe, Peter Powderham, Elaine Fishberg and Shush Arya over the past 6 years in another business in which we have all become 6 figure residual income earners. Now collectively, we have been involved in Network Marketing for over 35 years and are still learning new and exciting ways to continue building our incomes, residual and passive on a daily basis. The day you say you know it all, is the day your business will fail.

We believe people are wise enough to read between the lines and come to their own informed and educated decision about ANY opportunity that is available on the internet today, but as we said earlier, knowledge, guidence and advice are all key attributes to your business building success, your income and in some business opportunities, your proactive, positive team development.

We also believe, from experience, to begin, a few people will see the power and the 1st class opportunity this business presents, however and this is an important FACT: NO smooth talking, close selling or dangling of carrots will build your business.

Important – Work When YOU Want: Is that NOT what you want?

Genuine work from home, additional income opportunities allow you to build your business at your own pace, some may wish to work 5 – 10 hours a week, only at weekends and there will be those who eventually want to replace the current income stream, working from home, no boss to answer too and spend more time with the family.

But we must add, you will only get out, what you put in and in reality that will be work. To many people join home business opportunities and simply sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in.. that’s not going to happen with any opportunity.

Improve Your Knowledge – Add Value To Your Business

Personal belief and “how to” knowledge can be found all over the internet these days by simply performing a Google search. Within seconds you are bombarded with adverts, promises and FREE SECRETS… from experts to novice. But heres the thing, you can find out nearly all that you need to knoww, with a good, experienced sponsor and at the same time actually learn something. Now dont get me wronge there are some brilliant programmes available that WILL help you build your business, some of which we will cover at a later date in my Newsletters, but too many just dont work.

I can tell you know, from personal experience, there is nothing better than having someone on the end of the phone, offering free advice, guidence, positive, negative and constructive feedback, but most importantly of all, experience.

Now thats enough about me, its time to let you go and search through my site. You will find information on Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Virtual Worlds – The Next Big Thing, Advertising Tips and FREE Advertising and YES you will see information about other opportunities. At the end of the day, that is what Network Marketing is all about.

I hope you find the site useful, to join my News Update Letters join my newsletter… registration at the top of my blog…… you will be asked to register an account (not to be used for spamming, e-mail bombing OR given to someone else), theres no point in that, you will tell 7 friends what happened, they will tell 7 friends what happened and before you know it… my credibilty has gone. Thats NOT Network Marketing.

Stuart Bussley

E-mail: gem@learnthisbusiness.co.uk

Please feel free to visit me on LinkedIn

Please feel free to visit me on Ecademy

And here it is: Click Here – that business I am involved in


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